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Power Yoga Collective is a way of living—both in and out of the yoga room. You will be lit up, inspired, and empowered to take your life on and to be a shining light to everyone around you. At PYC our medium is yoga, but our mission is simple:


The way we execute our mission statement is by following the core values extracted from a book called, The Collaborative Way, that we have implemented in our studios, with our teachers and assistants, and in our Collective Crew.



It seems like such a long time ago now, but our very first studio opened up on November 2, 2009. We had a common dream—a place to bring community together. This is was our first community called Power Yoga Canada in the Toronto area in Ontario, Canada. Yoga is our medium and transformation is our message. So often we are asked what our trick is and how we have been able to grow this community. We wish there was a secret sauce that we could bottle and market, but it is simple—we make everyone feel at home.

Since 2009, we have opened a bunch of studios and have both grown our personal families with new babies. Kinndli and I even had a baby on the same day 2 years apart—#crazy. We have seen our students meet, get married and grow families. Others have graduated and moved across the world. Regardless of where people have gone, we love seeing them come home again and hearing about how they are achieving their dreams and goals. During the last few years, with the long lockdowns, we got really clear on what is most important to us and through it all family and community still came through as the heart beat of why we do what we do. Following an amazing opportunity for our boys to go to school in Ohio, we followed them to Cleveland which has opened up the opportunity for our first Power Yoga Collective studio in the US.

If there was one thing that we could share with you, it is that Power Yoga Collective is the home of everything Power Yoga. We do one thing and we do it the best—HOT POWER YOGA. This is the one thing we urge you to find out about yourself. What are you the best in the world at? What are you most passionate about? Find that, then get up and share it with the world!

Much Love,
Kinndli & Pauline

P.S. We want to say thank you to all of you who have practiced with us, cried with us, celebrated with us, and changed our babies’ diapers for us. YOU and ALL OF YOU have made this dream a reality. As the African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, PYC is our child and you have been the village that has kept it thriving. Here’s to many more sweaty mats!

Yoga instructors (Pauline and Kin) wearing Power Yoga Canada tank-tops posing with kids



Be of Service

Power Yoga Collective is always looking for exceptional people to join our Collective Crew of inspired and empowered yogis. Become an integral part of our community by helping PYC run smoothly. When you join the CC membership you will join in supporting the operations and set up of the studio before and after class. When you are part of the Collective Crew you will be coached in the PYC core values and empowered to live into your fullest potential.


  • Commit to 2 classes a week or one 3hr shift which you can practice on
  • Support class 30min before and 30min after
  • Duties include; prepping cold towels, delivering the Red Carpet experience and supporting the team with setting up and closing up the studio


  • Access to unlimited yoga membership
  • Access to 3 complimentary passes a month to bring new friends to yoga
  • Supportive community
  • Growth and purpose

Ready to join the Collective Crew?



While in a PYC class, you may have experienced a supportive assist that allowed a sense of release you otherwise would not have experienced. Touch is a powerful healing gift that creates connection and safety to feel and ultimately heal. In-class assists are part of the practice and the culture at PYC, and are intended to meet you where you are at and awaken you to what is possible. To become a PYC assistant, you can participate in our 40 hour Assisting Intensive Training Module. You do not have to have graduated from the PYC’s Seek The Truth: 200 hour Program to participate. Many yogis participate in the Assisting Intensive as an access to discovering and understanding their own anatomy and the asanas more deeply.  Click on the button below to learn more about our Assisting Intensive Training Module coming soon.

If you want to give love through assists, connect with us at info@poweryogacollective.com.




Teaching yoga is a noble calling. To help people heal, feel and ultimately wake up from limiting beliefs is an important contribution to the planet. At Power Yoga Collective we are committed to offering a 200hr training that is grounded in the roots of yoga, made up of practical embodied learning, mastery through practice teaching and self discovery tools through community shares. Becoming a PYC teacher is an opportunity to be a contribution to yourself and others. We require all PYC teachers graduate from our Seek The Truth: 200 hour Program to teach at Power Yoga Collective. Click on the button below to learn more about our Seek The Truth: 200 hour Program.

If you’re ready to inspire others, connect with us at info@poweryogacollective.com.



We are looking for exceptional people who are passionate about transformation and creating powerful communities to represent and grow our PYC  family. Know an awesome area where you believe a Power Yoga Collective studio would thrive? Great! We would love to sit and chat with you.  Ideally, we partner with people who love the PYC culture, and graduating from our Seek The Truth: 200 hour Program is a must! If this isn’t you (yet) we would still love to hear from you.




Power Yoga Collective is proud to be of service to various local and international non-profit organizations. We are committed to sharing this powerful practice of yoga with people, groups and communities who otherwise would not have had access to it.

Below are a couple of organizations we are deeply committed to service. Each PYC Studio also has people, groups and organizations they contribute to regularly. If you want to hear more, drop into your local PYC! If there is a cause you are deeply committed to, we would love to hear about it via email at info@poweryogacollective.com.


The Nicholas Ramdeyall Foundation is a registered not-for-profit developed in the memory of Nicholas Ramdeyall. Nicholas was tragically taken away from us by a biking accident on September 1, 2020. ​ This foundation will carry Nicholas’ legacy of who he was while he was alive – his thoughtful way of being, his willingness to put others first. The foundation will give away micro bursaries to youth (ages 13-25) that apply online and give their stories. ​Nicholas was a teen yoga teacher with Power Yoga Collective.


Healing Heroes is a non-profit organization that brings the holistic benefits of yoga to First Responders and Critical Task Performers, to alleviate the mental and physical symptoms of stress, including post-traumatic stress.

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