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We do HOT POWER YOGA and we believe Power Yoga is for everyBODY. We are a community of people who empower each other to do the work. You will sweat. The mat is a space to breakdown and breakthrough; to venture to the edge and dare to jump; to discover what is truly possible. You don’t need to be flexible, or to look a certain way, or even to know what to do. All you need is a willingness to step on your mat and practice. If you do, we guarantee miracles will follow. Welcome to Power Yoga Collective.

PYC’s classes are for ALL LEVELS and are heated, unless otherwise stated. Our teachers share adaptations for poses making most Power Yoga Collective classes accessible to any level of practitioner, including beginners. Whether you sign up online or just drop in, when you arrive at the studio, we invite you to introduce yourself to the teacher and ask them any questions you may have prior to class. As you enter the yoga room, grab a block and a strap (use of these props is free and is encouraged), and be open to seeing what’s possible!



Not digging the lines? Time is one resource we cannot get back, so PYC came up with a solution that gives you access to everything right at your fingertips. Download our app for iPhone or Android and skip the lines, reserve your spot, purchase passes and more.

Classes are available as drop ins or sign ups—it’s your choice! Remember, if you do sign up online or using the app, your spot is held up to 10 minutes prior to class. Sometimes life gets in the way and you might find you’re running late. If that’s the case, don’t worry, you are still welcome to join as long as a spot is available.

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