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40 days: six am.

I recently completed the sunrise challenge through pyc, by attending each six am class for the month of April. Along the way, mostly on my yoga-buzzed drive home, I would take time to absorb the experience that came from meeting with Mike each day for 60 minutes…

one. wake-up call battles, happen.

a five am wakeup call, holds no place for “maybe”. you’re either in, or you’re out. I get it, the bed is warm, the sky is dark and snooze is just a finger tap away. waking up takes willpower people, BIG TIME. there will be part of your mind that challenges you to stay, even begs of you some mornings, flip it off. sit up, plant your feet on the ground and stand. battles over, you’ve won.

two. you forget.

ah, this is really quite wonderful. the thoughts of needing to get a workout in can haunt me some days…the best part of six am is it’s often so early, you forget you already sweat. hold on, did I dream about that class or did that actually happen? those body imprint stains on your mat aren’t just a figment of your imagination, sweat happened and your night is now free to spend however you choose.

three. comfort zones.

one of the really rad things I learned through this experience, was what happens when you challenge yourself to step “outside your norm”. when Andrea first mentioned the sunrise challenge, I laughed, right in her face. no way jose, that ‘aint me, too hardcore. then I shifted my thoughts, why not me? why not try it on? it was uncomfortable at first, but yoga often is. lesson time: staying stagnant sucks & comfort zones are for sissies.

four it’s the best start to any day.

a friend made a spectacular call-out this afternoon when she saw me flailing around wildly: I can tell you haven’t done yoga yet today, because you are acting like such a spaz. touché, noted, I shall do morning classes more often.

five. support systems rule.

my dad called me each morning to make sure I was awake, people from my work constantly joined me in classes (and became hooked, might I add) and pictures of my nephew would be waiting for me when I checked my phone after class. reach out and ask for what you need, lean on family and friends, because you are loved.

six. you feel like a badass.

you woke up before the rest of the world because you recognize the importance of rewarding you own body & mind. enough said you badass, enough said.

so wakey-wakey my friends, how many days do you wake up and have the sun waiting for you? it’s time to return the favour.


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  • Steph Mannella says:

    Amazing !!! I love reading your blog !!

  • Daphne says:

    Really nicely put….funny and true. I am doing 40 days right now and have to do a 6 am class on Thursday. I will shift my view and embrace it. I will get it done! Thank you! Very wise.

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