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JANUARY!!!!  You know, the month where we start fresh, we make our own condiments and cut back on our consumerism, give of ourselves and our time AND work out/eat clean everyday? Power Yoga Canada has figured out a fantastic and uplifting formula for celebrating this “All-In” time of year.

The surrounding PYC locations host a Intention To Action workshops.  An evening or afternoon committed to identifying your intentions for the day, year, lifetime and creating questions that will get you clear on what it is exactly you want the outcome of your intention to be and how to create a plan (actions) that may just get you a couple of steps closer to that desired outcome or feeling!

I attended the PYC Oshawa Intention To Action Workshop, graciously hosted by Lululemon’s Oshawa Centre location. Kelly (with her back ground in event planning) pulled together a space that was conducive to sifting through your goals to really break through and laser focus in on your vision for your best self.

We were greeted with a journal, a pen and a name tag. Debbie and Kelly took the opportunity to foster leadership in their instructors and created areas that allowed their instructor’s to facilitate conversations that dug into the questions in the Intention to Action Handbook.

After we completed our sections and had a clearer vision on what was possible for each of us, Debbie took us through a very powerful meditation that had us visualize our lives at these fullest potentials. What did we see, Where were we, Who where we with, what did we look like and most importantly how did we feel? This was my favorite part of the evening and really brought my potential to life.


At the end we had a quick social and compared some of our dreams and expectations for the upcoming year, toasted ourselves and participated in a super fun selfie station that proclaimed our intentions to the world (well at least Facebook anyways!!)

Loved this program and will be back for 2017, cause we should always have new intentions we want to put into ACTION!



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