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The Christmas season really ramps up what us Yogis feel year round. Typically Yogis are givers, we want to share our experience and love of yoga  year round. December to us, feels like the rest of the world is catching on to what we are laying down…

Giving and sharing, when done genuinely and without attachment to the outcome or the receivers reaction to our gift can be an awesome opportunity to expose our people (or Secret Santa recipients) to what it is we experience year round.

When you give the gift of yoga to another, you are actually gifting them with and invitation into your community, your inner circle. You are asking them to spend time with you, you are giving them the gift of self-care, you are giving them an avenue to find peace and de-stress in their own life.


I think sometimes we can tell ourselves that offering the gift of yoga can seem pushy or insulting. I couldn’t possibly disagree more. How can it be, when you hold the true intentions of yoga in your heart as the gift giver.

When you give the gift of yoga, what you are actually giving is the gift of; Time, self-care, community, and a path to an improved version of their current being – it is truly the gift that keeps on giving…

It is a one-size fits all gift that can open people up and give them exactly what they are needing in that moment. Our role is to meet the receiver where they are at, offer the gift and trust that it will be utilized at exactly the time the receiver needs it most.

I invite you to think of who you could extend this invitation to in your own life, while all the while helping to create a larger community of like-minded individuals, which in reality in this day and age is a gift to everyone!! It’s a win-win and you are a rock star for sharing what it is that brings you peace, alignment and community with your loved ones!

Check your closest studio to see the amazing Christmas incentives and/or gift bundles they have, perfect for putting under your sparkly shiny tree this season. If you have little ones, spiritual seekers, athletes, or those looking for something new Power Yoga Canada has your covered.

Don’t forget to enjoy the season and breathe….

Happy Holidays and Namaste,


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