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When the unexplainable happens, you just go with it!

I will never forget trying to explain to potential business investors that we were going to open a yoga studio where you crank up the heat so students sweat profusely and we were not going to build showers. Where we would open with no sign and on the 3rd floor of a very interesting, also referred to as a grungy building.

It was then, November 2009, that the unexplainable began to happen. The profuse amount of sweat turned into a rinse of old energy and a transformation on ones self. The showers were not needed because sweaty hugs became the norm. And the grungy building with drapes to close off the room and retain the heat became cool and a part of our charm. The frustrated yogi calling in would often say, “I can’t find you” to which we would respond – “if you drove past the train tracks, you went to far”. The three flights of stairs and huffing and puffing was welcomed with, “great! Now you are all warmed up”.

It was all in our perspective, and we didn’t even know it. We were just old enough to have a large enough limit on our credit cards and young enough to be willing to max them out over and over again. It was all quite magical when one looks back from this seat. We were courageous when we needed to be and vulnerable before Brene Brown made it cool 🙂 One thing is for sure the sacrifice Kinndli and I made is nothing compared to all the people around us. Our families, my husband, our countless teachers, assistants and energy exchangers have poured all their energy, time and love into PYC!

Power Yoga Canada tore my marriage apart and glued it back together with a bond that will last many lifetimes. The practice on and off the mat is so powerful that it calms my inner critic down, silences my mind and allows me to hear the gentle whispers of my heart. Because of this community, I have gained the ability to challenge everything I know to be true and to play FULL on in my life and for that I am forever grateful. To make mistakes and clean up my messes. To stay and to be patient and to demand miracles over and over again.

I can say, I have no idea where I would be had I not stumbled into Kinndli’s class one day many years ago? Where would I be if I had said opening up a studio with someone I barely know is crazy? …but I do know the answers to these questions. I would have missed out on gaining the most amazing best friend, the most wonderful community and the craziest roller coaster ride that continues today.

Thank you – to every single person, student, assistant, teacher, energy exchanger, affiliate owner and PYC supporter off the mat, that took a chance on Power Yoga Canada. We could not have done it without YOU! Acknowledgments would not be complete without a special shout out to the unicorn of PYC herself, Kinndli, I love you and am forever grateful for the chance you took on me. The ease and flow you bestow to PYC is felt always.

May we all be silent enough to hear the gentle whispers of our heart

See you on your MAT!


Pauline, Kinndli, and families. Co-founders of Power Yoga Canada

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